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I was off again. Starting from that disastrous off-turn that I made onto a railroad track, I was sure this time would be different. I was going to follow that trail, so help me, and not veer off. It would be fun! This was still back in September and there were surprising gifts of late flowers along the way. You know, no matter what, these hikes – be they short city hikes, long ambles through country roads, windy trails or anything else, really – have been a sheer delight.

Resisting all temptation to follow the little trail, I walked along to the big road instead. Sigh. See, here we are. The big road. But at least there’s the sign telling me I’m going in the right direction. That’s good!

The road was indeed just as boring as I thought it would be. Until, that is – I looked up! Would you look at that sky? Gorgeous, right?

Before long, however, I found myself walking near some very beautiful places – and familiar ones. I had made it to Hamilton! Truly, there’s beauty in very little things – both people made – like this RBG flower bed and natural like these fall flowers at the side of the road.

Here’s the railroad I found myself walking on that other time. It looks much better from above – in fact the whole view is panoramic and not at all awful. Then down the stairs to the hike under the bridge – I’ve actually hiked this bit before but never officially like this. It was pretty cool. Hamilton hikes are gorgeous, I must say.

The trail under the bridge is lovely – full of little tiny picturesque moments. Are you getting a twisty trail feeling? I always do. And of course – it’s nice to know you’re going in the right direction!

The fall coulours do a lot to accentuate the beauty of the day, but then – argh! I’m back on the street again. It’s a pretty street, but it’s still a street.

But wait – is that a park with woods right to the side? So much for sticking firmly to the trail this time. (I still used google, but did go a bit off trail.)

It was so pretty though! I found myself in the woods and as everyone knows, I totally adore the woods! Whether the tiny mushrooms in the various tree stumps or the sky peering through the tops of the trees, there is nothing about a wooded path I don’t like. I know these are tamed and groomed and manicured woods compared to the real thing – but for a few glorious moments, I let myself forget and enjoy the beauty.

All good things must come to an end and this hike did too. I finally came out of the hike to a very nice grassy area which was also conveniently close to where I was going. Double win.

About 4 more km walked brings us to 28 km and completes the Burlington-Hamilton journey. Onward, ho!

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