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This hike happened because I was invited out! Yay, Denise and Yoav! I really enjoyed hiking with them and hope it happens more often. It was good that I was able to make them part of my trail. It also let me cover a slightly different piece. I wonder what will happen next? This, I must admit, continues to be a super cool adventure. (But I’m going to catch up on these blogs – it’s ridiculous that I’m still blogging September!)

Here is our starting corner and Denise, Yoav, and Jakey. This is bit where you realize that Hamilton is 90% hiking trail – at least to the discerning eye. Right in the center of the city is this beautiful trail. It’s a narrow band of trees perhaps, with parks or roads or houses on either side – but here, on the trail, with minimal suspension of disbelief (much less than needed in a super hero movie) one is on a hiking trail through the woods. And you know what woods are full of? Trees!

The Rail Trail, as can be seen from the pictures below, is truly a lovely treasure. From behind the university plaza (where we started) and onwards, there is a lot to see. (If you’re primarily interested in seeing a hiking trail, of course!) Oh, look a side trail…it’s a good thing I had friends with me or I would have taken that one without a second glance!

In fact, friends made the whole thing better. Although Yoav and Jakey biked off into the distance, Denise and I ambled and talked for a significant time. Yay!

The trail made a beautiful back drop for us and we managed to really enjoy ourselves. Even when the trail needed to wind through city things, it was pretty nice. Here’s a neat children’s park and street crossing.

All good things must come to an end, however, and eventually, it was time to leave the trail. We got off around Sanctuary Park.  Another 2 km covered, for a total of 24 km.

See actual maps and pictures – way better!

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