Elul 5

Elul 5

#BlogElul – Accept

It’s funny, the older I get, the less I think I can change. The more of the world I find myself in a position to just accept. I know, I have great agency, and I can make amazing things happen, but this morning, with a squirmy kitten helping me type, the most I can make happen is a loud purring sound. (Kitties make the most adorable purring sounds).

It’s good – I can enjoy a world in which my main accomplishment is getting a purr. Acceptance takes the pressure off and lets me just be a lot of the time. I can let go of the stress and the mess and the fuss and the muss and watch the kitten. Yes, it looks like this blog post has been brought to you by a black kitty. Sorry, sometimes, that’s just the way things work out. Luckily, the kitty in question is furry and purry, and so, I at least will enjoy this blog post.

Really, that’s what acceptance brings – enjoyment. I can enjoy the world I live in a great deal if I’m not worried about anything, if I’m just accepting things as they come, if I can see no more of the future or past than the kitten can. Acceptance is all about the now – maybe a kid found math hard and quit my class yesterday and maybe I really should get the learning skills pages set up by Monday, but now, there’s a very crinkly plastic bag that needs exploring, and a windowsill to climb up on and fall off of and climb up on and …oh, what was that about Monday?

Sometimes, of course, I can’t afford acceptance (the learning skills pages really do need to be done for Monday) but wqçsa^^eksçàààAa; (sorry, sometimes the keys are very exciting.) There are huge areas of need and injustice in our world, and it behooves me to do all I can to correct them. I have huge potential and so there’s no reason for me to ignore the work. I can do my work better though, if I start with acceptance – if I acknowledge that this is the situation, that the pages are due and the resource allocations are unfair. I can’t do anything to make a difference, externally or internally, if I deny the reality. I start with acceptance no matter what I do.

Then I leverage the acceptance into small, specific changes that I’m confident about making even with the little skritchy toes all over my fingers and keys. I can write a paragraph. I can highlight injustice in an email or a blog post. I can make the world a tiny bit more possible for a student, and so a bit more fair for someone with difficulties in an area which is easy for me. Acceptance lets me understand that these tasks need doing, and also, helps me enjoy the process.

Acceptance reminds me of all the things that I’m grateful for too – it’s a nice way to transform resentment to gratitude. When a friend complains about her husband’s lack of attention to detail, and his snappy ways, I can say, “well, are you going to leave him?” And as soon as she accepts the situation, she begins to find things she likes – “no, I’m not leaving him, that’s impossible in my life. Besides, he’s a great guy, he just hung all my laundry for me.”

Gratitude, acknowledgement, enjoyment, focus – the gifts of acceptance are many. Also sharp little teeth, black fur, and bright sparkly eyes, a lot of curiosity (what happens if I 09            1fd/swa3 – oh, well the people didn’t want to read that paragraph anyway) and a very, very loud purr for so little an animal. No one accepts like a baby or kitten.  Find one to cuddle and play with today as a first step to acceptance.


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