Elul 7

Go for a random hike. Pop bubbles. Watch kids swimming. Play a board game which you cheerfully don’t win. Talk philosophy (and nonsense). Hug someone you are close to. Write. Read a good book. Wash some dishes. Teach. Make some coffee. Admire trees. Do a scavenger hunt! Read a sweet Facebook post. Make the bed. Remember a bad (but funny) movie. Take a hot shower. Plan a kid’s future. Change the garbage. Eat yummy foods. Read out loud to a child. Sing. Visit with a distant friend.  Learn a foreign language.  Make up a story about another world. Share news. Rough-house. Joke, especially about serious sensitive subjects. See people after a long absence. Look up origins of words. Get lost while walking. Sleep. Pray. Listen to piano being played. Edit someone else’s writing. Connect with someone who is far away. That is what I did today. It has been a good day to just be.

A few days ago, I went for a walk with a fellow teacher who I met in Montreal. He now lives in Calgary but was up visiting family in Toronto. He drove up to Hamilton and then we went for a little after dinner walk. On the walk, we met someone who we last saw singing in a Montreal synagogue, but who actually lives in Toronto. She was spending time with her family in Hamilton and was delighted that we were around. We went to her parent’s place, which was cool. Now, for me to have planned this set of circumstances would be impossible. I couldn’t have known or planned the circumstances involved. Luckily, I had no need to plan this – it happened entirely on its own. My only role was to be happy about seeing people, to go out walking and to enjoy.

Sometimes, I fight and argue with the universe, insisting that things must be a certain way. The universe is completely delighted to fight back. The world has no problem with creating struggles that would let me grow and learn. In fact, I need to plan and work, strive and act. It is my responsibility and a necessary way to live. Without the work, I wouldn’t survive.

At the same time, if I let myself be in the world, even for brief moments at a time – if I let go of the struggles and the fuss and just have a day, God will fill it. At least today is such a day.


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