Counting the Omer – Day 34

Barukh ata Adonay, Eloheinu, melekh ha’olam, asher kid’shanu b’mitzvotav v’tzivanu al sfirat ha-omer.

Blessed are You, Adonay our God, ruler of the universe, who makes us holy with mitzvot and gives us this opportunity to count the Omer.

Today is day thirty four, which is four weeks and six days of the Omer. Hayom yom shloshim ve arba she hem arba’a shavuot ve shisha yammim laOmer.

Today is Yesod be Hod, intimacy within gratitude, community within thankfulness

Gratitude builds community – I know that all the time, but mostly, I don’t think of it. Family, community – they are people who are just there. It’s only not having time with family that reminds me how much I have to be grateful for. When family are away, I feel their lack. It’s amazing how much I think about people who are not around. I need to make a conscious effort to change this trend. By focusing on the people here, and expressing gratitude, at least in my head, for the time I spend with them, I can build the bonds that I need to ensure that I’m not lonely, even when some of my family members are away. I still miss them, though.

Today, we are grateful for the family and relationships we have built.


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